Monday, November 30, 2015

November 2015

We are still studying animals for science. About mid month, we switched from invertebrates (mostly insects), to birds. It seemed fitting as Thanksgiving was coming up. You know, turkeys and all. So we had a spider themed dinner and watched "Charlotte's Web" to commemorate the end of learning about creepy crawlies. As we learned about birds, we tried to incorporate a few fun things there as well. We had turkey cinnamon rolls for dinner one night and made some bird feeders. We tried a new method this year using gelatin and cookies cutters. So far the birds don't seem very interested. We also fit in a few other science moments. With some left-over candy corns, we did a little experiment where we put some in water, some in oil and some in vinegar. We made predictions and then watched what happened over the course of the next few hours.

Here's a few things I've tried to keep learning our sight words fun. We built them with velcro sticks, a wrote them on cards and hung them up. Every time they jumped to smack one, they had to say the word. That one was a huge hit.


Miles and I were sick for a few days, so we tried to take it as easy as possible. We tried to keep ourselves resting, but still tried to fit in a few projects. It was fun painting the leaves I drew with crayons, with watercolor paints.

The kids and I finished learning about Africa this month. To celebrate, we had the Beckstroms over for an African dinner and watch Lion King. :) We also made salt-dough maps of Africa, which actually turned out really cool. I'll have to post a picture of that later.

Veteran's Day

I tried my best to stress the importance of Veteran's Day to the kids, but I still don't think they "got it". We invited Scotty (our neighbor) over to talk to the kids about his service to our country. He answered a few questions we wanted to ask and chatted a bit. Honestly, the kids got bored, but it was really interesting for Richie and I to learn more about our neighbor. :)

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